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The Secrets to Cutting Beautiful Bangs - Exclusive
Mini-Course, Part 5
Welcome to the fifth and final part of our mini-course.  Our course helps you decide which bangs will best suit you and helps teach you how to cut each type of fringe.  In your last lesson today we will look at how to cut long, side swept bangs.
How to Cut Long, Side Swept Bangs
If you like the long, sexy, side swept look, then these are the bangs for you.
You first need to decide where you would like your hair to be parted.  Wet your hair, towel dry it, and comb it with a wide toothed comb to untangle it.  Part your hair on the side that you'd like it to be parted.  Use your comb to create the bang area.  The recommended shape for this would be the crescent shape.  Refer to Part 2 of our mini-course for directions for creating the crescent shape bang area.

Long, Side Swept Bangs

Decide what length you want your bangs to be.  Regular length bangs are cut just below the eyebrows, so longer bangs can be cut anywhere between your eyebrows and the tip of your nose.  The length you choose will depend on whether your hair is straight or if it's wavy or curly.  Curly or wavy hair bounces up once you let go of it, so you will need more length for it.  If you have curly hair, your guide will be the tip of your nose. 
A safe guide for straight hair is just below the bridge of your nose.  Just below the indentation at the top of your nose, you will feel a bump where the bone starts.  Your guide will be the "bone bump" if you have straight hair.

Long Side Swept Bangs

Pick up a small (1/4 inch) section of hair right below your part - not your crescent part but your side part.  This small section - right below your part- will be cut to the length of your guide and will be the shortest part of your bangs.

Long, Side Swept Bangs

Pick up the guide that you just cut and hold it straight up so that it's at a 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the floor.  Take a bit of hair to either side of the guide and hold them straight up, directly over your side part.  Cut them to the length of your guide.

Long, Side Swept Bangs

Take up another section beside the one you just cut and hold it up over your part and cut it to the length of your guide.  Continue cutting across your forehead until the entire bang area is cut.  The important thing to remember is to make all your cuts directly over your side part to the length of your guide.

Long, Side Swept Bangs

When you cut your bangs this way, the hair gets longer the further away from the part you cut.  This is because of the natural curve of your head.
You can now style your bangs many different ways.  You can blow dry them to have them sweep to the sides in a gentle curve or you can use gel to slick them straight to the side or straight back for a more dramatic look.  Use your imagination and experiment.  Have fun with your new fringe.

Long, Side Swept Bangs

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