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Discover now - how you can very easily cut your own hair
 and have it look like a salon cut ... every time

Every day over 300 people search online for how to cut their own hair.  You don't need a college degree or a cosmetology license to know how to cut hair.  Despite what professionals say, it can be done from home. They learned, didn't they?  Remember that they go to college to learn ... it can be learned, it's a trainable skill  

You can learn the basic steps for the hair cutting techniques that each professional hairdresser uses.  They might not want you to learn the basics for how to cut your own hair because if too many people learn them, they would be out of a job.

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  • how to cut long, side swept bangs
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Amit S., Dekalb, Il

your course is nice, but what I like best is all the other awesome free tips you send every week.  keep 'em coming'!
Jason E.

I loved the instructions for the bangs. They were very simple straight-forward and easy to understand.
Georgina V 

I thought that your mini-course in bangs was great! The instrucions were clear, concise and easy to follow.
Angie P.

The cutting technique is very simple and clear. Even a beginner can practise it
Mr Ruchoonundun C.K of Mauritius

it helped me to even get better in cutting the fringe
fatimafonseca auckland

Why do people want to cut their own hair?  Why do you want to cut your own hair?  It is not for the fainthearted!  After asking around, I found that people do it for several reasons -

#1 - To save themselves money
The cost of living continues to rise.  In order to compensate, the average consumer will have to cut corners in order to survive.  One way of doing that is to eliminate haircutting costs and learn how to cut your own hair.  Cutting Your Own Hair allows people who are struggling financially, such as single parents, to have great looking hair without the added cost of a professional haircut month after month.  It is an eBook that teaches beginners the necessary steps, cut-by-cut, to give basic haircuts with a scissor and comb.  No prior haircutting experience is necessary to understand and follow the directions and there is a picture for every cut that needs to be made.

Many people struggle financially in silence.  They don't want others to know about it and feel embarrassed.  When  people need to tighten their belts to make things work, they should still be able to hold their heads up and feel good about themselves rather than being ashamed of a botched home haircut (especially if they work in a professional environment).  Cutting Your Own Hair can help them do just that.
Here is what several people have to say about saving money by cutting their own hair at home -

"I wish I had the thousands of dollars I have saved by not going to hairdresser's, but because it never occurred to me to put that money away.  Oh well, I suppose I would be much poorer now if I had spent it on hairdressers." - Connie W.

"I was tired of paying $20 for a haircut and not always being real satisfied with the result.  And as much as the cost, I resented the amount of time I had to spend scheduling, waiting, etc. It's possible to give yourself a real decent haircut." - Tyrone P.

"Cutting your own hair. Bad idea, or good idea? good! free, just like you want it, free, no arguing with hairdresser, free, no tipping shampoo girl, free, no blow drying burns, free. yeah. mine  looks great, and did i mention it was free? =)" - Shirley R.  

"think my hair is rooted in my frugal nature.. I hate to pay for a haircut, always have.. (there were free in the navy, maybe that is why I stayed for 23 years.). The cost is ridiculously high and then they expect a tip and if you slip them only a buck you get a dirty look.." - Jared D.

#2 - They don't like what the hairdressers do to their hair
Many, many people come back from the salon feeling very unhappy.  Read below to see what these 3 individuals have to say about that -

"I just returned from the salon and am once again disappointed in the results. I brought 5 pictures for the stylist to use as a reference and he ended up giving me the haircut that he wanted, not the one I wanted. Needless to say it's all uneven, looks really bad and I've no intention of going back to him so that he can mess it up even more.  I usually end up cutting my own hair after returning from such a fiasco (I've already trimmed my bangs which were poking me in the eyes." - Rene Y.

 "I just don't know of another way to convey to her how I want it. I know it I tell her I want to have it like her DIL's,she will say,"Ok,no problem!" then she will cut it one of the only 2 ways I think she knows to cut hair.:( "  - Tristan B.

"I'm very angry about this because I paid $32 for a haircut and it sucked." - Kayden L.

#3 - They feel uncomfortable in a salon
Whether they are shy or whether they just feel self conscious in an unfamiliar setting, some people just hate going to a salon.

"They always try to talk, then when they see you aren't interesting, they just completely ignore you and talk to the other stylists without even paying attention that they may be pulling your hair and hurting you.  My hair tangles really easily, so even if I make sure that it's completely tangle free before I go, there will still be tangles in my hair by the time I get there, making it really painful when they try to brush it with their little plastic combs."  Terri W. 

"I'd love to be able to go to the hair dressers and get a descent cut, but I cannot stand people being that close to me, staring me in the face."  Faye D.

"I always panic big time at the hairdressers ... its that combination of having to sit still ... having someone too close to me ... being surrounded by skinny glamorous girls that make me feel like a moose... and then having to see myself try to cope with it all in the mirror."  Kelly-Ann T.

#4 - They don't want the inconvenience of having to go out to the salon every time for a haircut.
I can relate to this reason because I have 5 young children.  It is simply not practical to take young children with you to the salon.  While I sit in the chair, I'm constantly worried about what they are up to, whether they are behaving, and I can't relax to enjoy the luxury of having someone working on my hair.  Other people have their own reasons for not wanting to make the trip to the salon for every haircut.  They enjoy the flexibility of having the haircut whenever they want it.

"Now I can cut hair anytime I want. It takes 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how much cutting is necessary. So I not only have saved thousands of dollars, I've probably saved months of traveling and waiting time. Buying your book was definitely worth it!" -Peter B


There are a lot of haircutting resources out there, but make sure any information you are considering buying about how to cut your own hair includes the following:

  • Clearly laid out, cut by cut directions for the beginner
  • Insider's tips for a professional haircut
  • Illustrations to help explain each step of the way
  • No experience necessary
  • 5 Basic cuts
  • Specific style suggestions
  • Right and left-handed directions
  • Description of tools needed 
You will find all of this information inside"CUTTING YOUR

You wouldn't believe the things that some people do to try 

to get a good haircut at home!

  • I came across a lady who would put a baseball cap on backwards.  First she would have it low on her forehead to guide her when she cut her bangs.  Then she would tip it back a bit and use the rounded visor on the cap as a guide for cutting the rounded shape for the back of her hair.  She did mention that the sides were the most difficult - there was no flap on the cap to help her there. Unfortunately her cut had the "home cut" look to it, but I didn't have the heart to burst her bubble.
  • Another woman I know has long hair.  Right down her back.  She finds it too difficult to cut behind her at waist level, so every 6 months or so she leans over at her waist, lets her hair hang down, and tries to cut it upside down.  Cutting hair right side up is one thing, but upside down is quite another!  She can never seem to be accurate enough to get a clean, straight cut.
  • Eye-hand coordination can be tricky when cutting your own hair, so M.J. likes to cut her hair in the shower.  She doesn't like to see what she's doing in the mirror because it confuses her, so she cuts her hair by feel on her knees in the shower.  She works at it for 10 minutes, until her knees start to hurt, and then finishes up by taking her shower.  She completes her hair cut during her next shower.  She says that she just doesn't go anywhere that first day so no one will see her until her hair is completely cut.
  • Some people also try masking tape.  They comb their hair straight, put tape across it, and cut under the tape.  If they don't get the tape just right, some of the hair will be cut straight, some won't.  And then it's time to pull the tape off and try again. Hopefully it works the second time.  We all know how it feels to pull tape out of our hair.  It would be a lot less painful to actually learn how to cut your own hair than to have to pull masking tape out of your hair once a month.

Inside "Cutting Your Own Hair" you are about to discover exactly how to:

How to cut your own hair, Cutting your own hair
  • cut your own 8
  • part your hair to organize your haircut 8
  • execute the one length layer 12
  • perform the long layered 24
  • trim long hair 34
  • give yourself the pixie 40
  • cut your hair into a medium-length 63 

Learning how to cut your own hair is not difficult.  Famous people cut their own hair too!  Supermodels who openly cut their own hair include Raquel Welsh, Sharon Stone, Natasha Vojnovic, Giselle Bundchen, and Liya Kebede.  In a recent Vogue interview, Sam McKnight, hairstylist to the stars said, "I'm all for people doing their own hair.  It shows confidence and individuality.  You can lose dry ends, add layers, even do ao whole haircut yourself, although this is not for the fainthearted."

If you would like to learn how to cut your own hair at home like a professional, you will need ...

  • Clearly laid out cut by cut directions.
  • You will fully understand how to perform each step of a haircut.
  • Illustrations to help explain the steps.
  • You can see picture by picture what each cut takes and how you need to make the cut.  It is completely visual.        
  • No prior experience.
  • Anyone can cut hair when shown how to do it.  Even if you've never handled a pair of haircutting scissors before, you'll be able to cut hair the day you finish reading the book.
  • Five types of hair cuts.
  • You will be able to cut almost any basic hairstyle.     
  • Very affordable price.
  • The book will pay for itself the first haircut you give. You will not only save the fees of budget haircuts, but much more. You will save the money equivalent to the fees that medium to advanced skilled stylists charge ($50 - $100), because the more you practice and follow the detailed instructions, the better you get at it.      
  • Right and left-handed directions.
  • Since the majority of people are right-handed, most haircutting resources explain the necessary skills catered to right-handed people.  For some types of cuts, however, left-handed people have to cut from the opposite direction to do a neat, precise job.  If you are left-handed, you'll be able to perform the haircuts without confusion.      
  • Insiders tips for a successful, professional haircut.
  • You will learn the finishing touches that turn an average haircut into an exceptional one, that make a home haircut look like a professional quality salon cut.     
  • Instructions for what guidelines to follow, which angles to hold the hair and why, and how to part the hair to organize the haircut.
  • Once you've received the technical how-to's, you will be able to get the cut that you actually want, not what the stylist thinks you should have.  It's your hair, so it's your decision.   
  • Description of the tools needed to get the job done right.
  • You will know exactly what you will need to do a proper job.
  • Directions for how to coordinate your hands when giving yourself a haircut.
  • It may feel awkward at first, but you'll get the hang of it.  The time it takes you to get used to handling your scissors is nothing compared to the time you'll save cutting your hair at home.  Be prepared to spend 15 minutes driving to the salon, at least 15 minutes waiting for your turn, 25 minutes sitting with your hairdresser and then another 15 minutes driving home again.  That's over an hour, and that's if everything goes without a hitch.  (Compare that to the 20 minutes it would take you at home.)  And the worst part is, you'll need to do it over again in at least 6 (if not 4) weeks.

For a limited time you can download "CUTTING YOUR OWN HAIR" for exceptional self cuts at home at the average price of a budget haircut,  $19.95, and have it downloaded to your computer in seconds!

Learn how to cut your own hair properly with a scissors, giving yourself the skills to save both time and money for the rest of your life.  Make your life easier and order today!

You will receive directions for how to cut your own hair with either your left hand or your right and you will be able to visualize every cut you need to make with a picture for every step you need to take from the beginning of the haircut to the end.  

Solid Guarantee

  • Your investment of only $19.95 is completely protected by our solid guarantee. You can follow the specific directions and try out several different haircuts for an entire year (since learning how to cut your own hair takes practice!). 
  • Because I am confident you will have enough knowledge to effectively cut hair after reading my eBook, I am going to give you 1 year to read and act on the contents of this ebook. But if after a year you are not completely satisfied with Cutting Your Own Hair, just email me and I will refund your entire payment

With CUTTING YOUR OWN HAIR and a further path leading to advanced techniques I am so anxious to share with you, you will always be able to give yourself salon quality haircuts in the privacy of your own home!

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 Your mini-course includes 5 lessons on how to cut bangs so they look professionally done.   You will also receive weekly free haircutting tips.

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This course is free with subscription to our newsletter and  covers
  •  how to choose the type of fringe that suits you best
  • how to cut crescent bangs
  • how to cut rectangle bangs
  • how to cut triangle bangs
  • how to cut long, side swept bangs
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Happy cutting!

Nadine Visscher 

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