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The Secrets to Cutting Beautiful Bangs - Exclusive
Mini-Course, Part 2
  Welcome to the second part of our mini-course.  This course focuses on learning how to decide which bangs will best suit you and how to cut each type of fringe.  Today we will look at how to cut crescent shaped bangs.
How to Cut Crescent Shaped Bangs
The crescent shape I refer to here does not mean the shape of the bangs around your face, but rather the shape of the area on your head that has been set aside for bangs.  The crescent shape is the most common one for the bangs area.  It is about 1 inch deep in the center of your forehead and tapers to points on the outer edges.
To begin, comb your wet hair straight back from your face.  Starting in the center of your forehead (about 1 inch back from your hairline), use your comb to draw an imaginary line toward the left, creating half of a crescent.  Comb that hair forward.  Part the second half of the crescent to the right.  Comb the hair within the crescent forward.

Crescent bangs

Decide what length you would like your bangs to be.  If you are cutting your own hair and your hair is damp, I would recommend holding a very small section of hair, right at the center between the pointer and middle fingers of your holding hang.  Slide those fingers down to the indentation of your nose that's between your eyes.  Snip a very small section of hair to act as your guide.

Crescent Bangs

Gather all of the hair that you sectioned off into your crescent.  Use your comb to lift it straight up and hold it between the pointer and middle fingers of your holding hand.  Your holding hand is directly above the center of your forehead.
Slide your fingers to the ends of the hairs that you previously cut as your guide.
Pick up your scissors in your cutting hand and with small snips, cut across the hair that sticks past your fingers.  Cut above your fingers, not below them.  Use your fingers as a guide to cut in a straight, horizontal line.

Crescent Bangs

When the hair falls down, you will see that it has a smooth, gently curving line that frames your face.  Because you held the hair straight up when you cut it, you now have a bit of tapering.  This makes it so the ends are not cut so blunt.  They have a soft edge.

Crescent Bangs

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